Have you fed your soul today?

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We nurture. We love. We care. We take care of others. We do so many things without complaint. It is our strength… our quiet beauty. If I could hug you right now, I would… just because you’re a woman and I KNOW what you do. Because I do it, too.

You beautiful, caring creature… please stop for a moment and ask yourself how long it’s been since you FED YOUR OWN SOULl?

Volunteering and nurturing can fill us up and those things do so beautifully… to a point. But at some point we must recharge. We have to balance the giving to others with the giving that we do for ourselves.

Will you take a brief moment from your hectic day and do something, right now, for yourself?

Ask yourself: WHAT IS IT THAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL? Is it music? Art? Humor? Pets? Spirituality? Nature? What are your interests? Are you spending any time on them? Are you creative? Are you creating, or putting it off for a day when there is less required of you? Do you love nature but you’re spending too many hours behind a computer screen? Do you love your children but find yourself interacting with them briskly as you take off one hat and don another? Breadwinner-to-housekeeper-to-Mom-to-wife… Do you love music but find that you don’t take the TIME anymore to really listen?



When we are in emotional crisis, we make an appointment with a therapist and pay ridiculous amounts of money to listen to her tell us that we need to spend time on “self-care”. What she’s really telling us is that WE NEED TO FEED OUR SOULS.

Here’s a secret… You can skip making the appointment. Skip spending the dough on some nice gal with a degree to tell us what we already SHOULD know. If we were as kind to ourselves as we were to others, we’d have it made. 😉

Make an appointment with YOURSELF. Instead of making an appointment with a therapist, or a  spa, or any other stop-gap resource that will drain your pocketbook, look WITHIN yourself, girl. You know what you need. Make an appointed with YOU and take an hour or two to embrace the things you love. The music that defines you. The child you created. The flowers you planted that grow because of YOU. The higher power that you love. Even the hair color that makes you feel SAUCY and COMPLETE. The things that excite and define YOU. Those things calm you because they identify you … because without them? You. Are. Not. YOU.

Practice this every day. Not some days. Not Thursdays. EVERY day, you MUST create YOU-TIME and stick to it, as responsibly as you would any other appointment. If it’s a bath or a good book, an hour listening to your favorite CD while  you sit in traffic on the way home from work… it doesn’t matter. Get into the HABIT of doing it. Because, as I’m sure you know… habits are hard to break. Not just the bad ones… but the good ones, too.  I ask you to practice, because it may not be second nature to you. It might feel weird. Or difficult. But PRACTICE, Beautiful Woman.

Practice makes perfect.

Please share this with a woman you know who could use it.

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