Cheeks, eyes and lips… do’s and definitely-don’ts for everyday makeup

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Happy May, ladies! We’re focusing on faces today. Have a look at these cosmetics tips to help you keep from making these mistakes…

Blush Boo-boos

The best blush application technique for YOU, my dear, depends on the shape and fullness of your face. If you have prominent cheekbones, a little rosy glow on the apples of your cheeks will do. (Smile, and apply a soft color lightly on the fullest part of your cheeks in small circles. A shimmer is great for spring and summer!) If your face is fuller, you can get away with a subtle shadowing tone under your cheekbones. The key word here is subtle. Suck your cheeks in as if you’re making “fishy lips” (that’s a technical term) and apply color in the hollows under your cheekbones. Always be sure to BLEND well! Otherwise, you might look like Lindsay Lohan above. And no one wants to look like Lindsay Lohan.

Eye Makeup Eyesores

Heavy eyeliner under your eyes can shrink them and “age” them. If you use darker eyeliner under your eyes, keep the line thin and close to the lash line. If your eyes require a little more defining, try blending a lighter shade beneath, and then blend a bit of concealer beneath that. But BLEND, dammit! And whatever you do, don’t have Pamela Anderson eyes. Bette David eyes are totally ok.


Lips That Ate Pittsburgh

In the above photo, you’ll see another of Pammy’s Don’t-Do-This-Whatever-You-Dos: the gross over-exaggeration of the already exaggerated lip-line. Keep your lip liner VERY close to your lipstick shade and for goodness sake, BLEND. Otherwise, your lipstick will inevitably wear off and you’ll either be left with a ridiculous looking outline or – worse – a top line leftover that looks like a skinny pink mustache. Like this ill-conceived permanent lip liner tattoo below.

Yeah. That’s permanent. And we won’t even mention the blonde ‘stache decorating the corners of her mouth. Ouch!


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