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Have you fed your soul today?

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We nurture. We love. We care. We take care of others. We do so many things without complaint. It is our strength… our quiet beauty. If I could hug you right now, I would… just because you’re a woman and I KNOW what you do. Because I do it, too.

You beautiful, caring creature… please stop for a moment and ask yourself how long it’s been since you FED YOUR OWN SOULl?

Volunteering and nurturing can fill us up and those things do so beautifully… to a point. But at some point we must recharge. We have to balance the giving to others with the giving that we do for ourselves.

Will you take a brief moment from your hectic day and do something, right now, for yourself?

Ask yourself: WHAT IS IT THAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL? Is it music? Art...

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Inspiration: She puts on makeup with her feet

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Tisha Unarmed is our inspiration for the day. You go girl!

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