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Today’s Beauty Freebies: Shampoo, fragrance, wrinkle serum and more!

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Free Clear Men Scalp Therapy Sample
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Free Sample of Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother

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Why his face looks better than yours

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Have you ever noticed that his skin looks younger than yours? Here’s why.

Thick skin

First of all, men’s skin is thicker than women’s. That’s why, as we age, we get all crepey and puckery while they get “character lines”. I’m laughing now at I write this, and I probably shouldn’t, since I’m only making those crow’s feet worse. :)

What can we do about it?

Our thin skin is more sensitive to UVA rays… so make sure you’re wearing a daily moisturizer AND foundation with at least an SPF 15.


Second, men have smaller sebaceous glands, but secrete more oil. Their oil production doesn’t taper off to match ours until about age 50.

What can we do about it?

Moisturize inside and out...

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Is your eyeshadow making you look older?

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As we attempt to age gracefully, we begin to worry about the ‘C’ word… Crepey skin!

Those dreaded fine lines, wrinkles, puckers and sagging skin can look worse, depending upon our choice of eyeshadow. Shimmering and frosty shadows look gorgeous on younger eyes, but did you know that they actually make older eyes look… well, even older? Look carefully at the image above. Do you see how the shimmering shadows enhance the wrinkles in the skin? It does the same thing to the skin around your eyes!

To avoid aging your eyes, use MATTE shadows, like this fun palette from Pro 88. There are enough colors here to experiment until your eyeballs fall out.

If you just can’t stand missing out on the shimmer, add it to the INSIDE CORNERS OF YOUR EYELID, avoiding the outer corner (where we tend to wrinkle...

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Slow down time and feel like a kid again

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Does time really go faster the older we get? It’s a common feeling that knows no cultural limitations… it happens to people everywhere. But why?

There are a couple of theories…

Novel Experiences Slow Time Down

Think about a summer’s day when you were a child… you awoke to the sun shining and the feeling that you had a WHOLE DAY ahead of you! Why did that day seem so long? Researchers think it may have been because so many things were new to you.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman believes that time is a matter of perception. You can “speed up” the experience of time or you can “slow down” the sense of its passage, based on whether you are experiencing something new or doing something that has become routine.

When you experience an event for the first time, your brain uses more energy to store...

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