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Hi ladies!

The BeautifullyHappy blog has been on hiatus for a bit, but I’m ramping it back up with a fun, interactive endeavor… the BeautifullyHappy Advice Column. A few of the emails I’ve received, and the responses I’ve made, feel like they might be too universal not to share.

Email your questions and concerns to You can ask about beauty tips,  household hints or relationship concerns – whether it’s your boss, your sister, your child or your significant other. I’ll do our best to research your concerns and provide the best advice possible. Readers, you’ll be able to chime in, too, in the comments section.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Submit a question here.

Our first question comes from J...

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Cheeks, eyes and lips… do’s and definitely-don’ts for everyday makeup

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Happy May, ladies! We’re focusing on faces today. Have a look at these cosmetics tips to help you keep from making these mistakes…

Blush Boo-boos

The best blush application technique for YOU, my dear, depends on the shape and fullness of your face. If you have prominent cheekbones, a little rosy glow on the apples of your cheeks will do. (Smile, and apply a soft color lightly on the fullest part of your cheeks in small circles. A shimmer is great for spring and summer!) If your face is fuller, you can get away with a subtle shadowing tone under your cheekbones. The key word here is subtle. Suck your cheeks in as if you’re making “fishy lips” (that’s a technical term) and apply color in the hollows under your cheekbones...

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More weird beauty tips and tricks!

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Today’s wacky – and sometimes humorous – beauty tricks. Some of these are just too weird not to work. As always, use your own discretion and at your own risk. :)


Beer isn’t just for breakfast anymore

Beer can clean up your locks and make them healthy and shiny. I know you’ve heard about it… but have you TRIED it? Before you wash your hair, pour some FLAT beer over it. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so and shampoo/condition as usual. If you have dry hair/scalp (common in the winter when the humidity is low), rinse out the beer and work some olive oil into your hair and scalp, then shampoo thoroughly and condition.


Toilet seat covers are your friend

If your skin is oily and you’re on a bathroom break at a restaurant, toilet seat covers work beautifully as blotting papers for oily skin...

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Depression: Anger turned inwards

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Depression can be caused by a lot of things – generally, though, it’s some sort of loss. Loss of a job. Loss of a loved one. Loss of a relationship.

And sometimes it’s simply the loss of ourselves.

Many of us, especially women, have a tough time maintaining boundaries. Boundaries are what define us… what separate us from others. They help  us feel safe. Heard. Respected.

How good are you at maintaining boundaries? See how many of the following apply to you:

  • I often agree to do things I don’t really want to do.
  • I have trouble asserting myself.
  • I find myself feeling disrespected at work or in my personal relationships.
  • When I do speak up for myself, others accuse me of being “too sensitive”… and I believe them and try to correct my behavior.
  • I often feel that I take care of others more th...
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Have you fed your soul today?

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We nurture. We love. We care. We take care of others. We do so many things without complaint. It is our strength… our quiet beauty. If I could hug you right now, I would… just because you’re a woman and I KNOW what you do. Because I do it, too.

You beautiful, caring creature… please stop for a moment and ask yourself how long it’s been since you FED YOUR OWN SOULl?

Volunteering and nurturing can fill us up and those things do so beautifully… to a point. But at some point we must recharge. We have to balance the giving to others with the giving that we do for ourselves.

Will you take a brief moment from your hectic day and do something, right now, for yourself?

Ask yourself: WHAT IS IT THAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL? Is it music? Art? Humor? Pets? Spirituality? Nature? What are your interests...

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